Practice Areas

In choosing Goyke & Tillisch, LLP, you can be assured that you are working with a skilled team of attorneys who have a track record of success. We take the time to provide you a personalized, sophisticated service that thoroughly addresses every area of your finances.
Bankruptcy Chapter 7


We can eliminate creditor harrassment, stop lawsuits, prevent garnishments and even recover garnished money. Chapter 7 used to be called "strait bankruptcy" and serves as the easiest way to a fresh financial start. In most circumstances, we can preserve your assets while eliminating unsecured creditor threats, high interest and lawsuits.



Real Estate
Even in seemingly basic residential real estate transactions, there are many pitfalls to avoid. Small mistakes can haunt you down the road. Without legal guidance in the negotiation process, contracts and closings, you run the risk of facing financial exposure or problems. The purchase of real estate is typically one of the most meaningful financial investments of one's life.


Bankruptcy Ch. 13


If your house is in foreclosure and the bank won't listen, we can force a lender to allow you to reinstate the mortgage payments. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you from three to five years to catch up on overdue payments while maintaining your regular payments. In addition, it is a useful tool to prevent vehicle repossession and to reduce high interest rates for more affordable payments, so that you can take care of your family.




We also have decades of expirience in farmland division, farming operations, and transfers/divisions. We work with buyers and sellers and succession plans; we can provide skilled planning and help specific to the needs of your farm.


Probate is the distribution of a person’s assets and payment of debts after death. It is used to transfer real estate or other assets, such as investments and vehicles.
If you are facing a probate proceeding, we can provide guidance for the simplest or most complex estates.
Need to incorporate? We can help you create your business by walking you through the process. From filing your formal paperwork to appointing directors of your corporation, we will help you successfully transition into the business world.


Landlord-Tenant Issues

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, you have responsibilities and are entitlied to certain rights. We represent both landlords and tenants when disputes arise. We advise you of your rights and devise a plan.

Offer in Compromise 


"In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes." -Ben Franklin

The IRS may accept an offer in cases where collection would result in an economic hardship. We can help you prepare an Offer in Compromise and work with you to appeal any rejections.

Debt Amoritization


Not interested in filing bankruptcy? A personal debt amoritization can allow you to pay your unsecured credit card or medical debt in full over the course of three years without interest, penalty and harassment from your creditors over. Stop the credit card interest and resolve your financial issues with the help of the court.  



Estate Planning

Our level of experience in real estate, business law and creditor issues allows us to provide clients a rare level of sophistication in estate planning and asset protection. We wish to see our clients avoid common mistakes, find maximum asset protection during life and have the confidence that their loved ones will be protected after they are gone. We can assist you in creating an estate plan that will best transfer assets to your family and loved ones.

Debt Settlement

Frequently, we are able to negotiate debt reduction for financially troubled clients. This involves a cash payment of the reduced debt for the complete satisfaction of the claim.

Foreclosure Defense

Upon being served with a foreclosure summons and complaint, it is very important to find help right away, since the law limits the time you have to respond.  We are able to help you answer timely and to take all steps necessary to preserve your rights.